Pastor Julius astonished by Stealth Evangelism Program!

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I am Pastor JULIUS RONQUILLO and I am pastoring Refuge Christian Church in Quezon City. When I was invited to this seminar of Stealth Evangelism, I never thought that the lessons I learned will give impact to my mind set. Seven minutes of evangelism in stealth form is really a phenomenon. Never have I experienced winning hundreds of souls to Christ in just one and a half days.

Ptr. Julius

This “Are You Born Again?” tool makes the evangelism process so easy, yet so effective that people could not even say “NO” to it. The Dunamis School of Mission really cares for the Filipino people, because Dunamis is not only transferring knowledge to Filipino church pastors and leaders but they also transfer power to win the lost and serve as a “wake up” call to Filipino Christians today.

At Dunamis I was trained to give quality time for preparation and pay attention to details in sowing the seed of the gospel and at the same time I was shocked how God enhanced my evangelism performance. I have seen astonishing results! In this course, it is not the pursuit of perfection that counts; it’s the pursuit of completion!  I’m expecting huge results effect in the number of souls coming to Christ in our church. This is really great! Glory to God! The best quality on earth is our willingness to become REAPERS.