About Tony Poole

Rev. Tony Poole is the Apostolic founder and President of DUNAMIS Intl. School of Missions, Manila, Phil. Called by God to be a missionary to the Philippines where he has been ministering since 1997, and resided since 2003 when Rev. Tony, his wife Calli, and their daughter Felicity moved to the Philippines Dunamis International School of Missions was birthed and has evolved into an evangelism school since its beginning in 2003.

The primary goals of the school is to equip the Body of Christ with cutting edge spiritual weapons of warfare such as the Flagship tool we call “Stealth Evangelism”, a powerful easy to use soul winning technique that activates the everyday believer into a reaper of souls. In 2005 he was inspired to design a tract called “Are You Born Again.” This tract is a powerful tool that very easily wins the readers to the Lord. It is designed to be used when you are interrupted and can’t witness personally to them.
Rev. Tony is also well known for his foundational teachings on “The Holy Spirit” by which 10’s of thousands of believers have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.

He recently designed and published the “Soul Mate” a micro pocket soul winning Bible that is being used by believers in their everyday soul winning.

Currently, Rev. Tony is holding seminars all over the Islands, and training leaders to train the Body of Christ in these techniques. It is the goal of Dunamis to make soul winning a way of Life for all Christians throughout the world. It is for the Glory of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ that all of us at Dunamis are doing the work. to advance God’s Kingdom.. We thank the Lord for giving us the privilege to serve Him in the Philippines and throughout the world.