Stealth Evangelism Program

Stealth Evangelism is a method used to create the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. Lost people have a radar in front of them that the devil (our enemy) uses to alarm them when someone tries to witness to them. Most lost people have been approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, and every Protestant religion imagined.

When you hit that radar they think that you are just trying to recruit them, and they will throw up a shield or move away from you as fast as they can. If they detect you and your intent, they will tune you out very quickly and you won‟t be able to penetrate the shield. Through The Stealth Evangelism Program you are trained with the words to say in order to slip in under the radar of the individual. This gives you the opportunity to share what Jesus has to say to them about being born again.


“Are you born again?”

“Are you born again?” is a witnessing tool that is designed to be used with Stealth Evangelism. It is a tool that can be added to any born again believer‟s personal arsenal of weaponry that will help them to reach people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! Don‟t throw away any of the tools God has already placed in you. Just download a new proven method that will make soul winning much easier to do with a more positive result.

This tool will work most effectively with religious people. Individuals that believe in their head or in their mind, that Jesus is the Son of God, and that the Bible is the Holy Word of God. Unfortunately many people believe this, but they are not born again.


We offer two types of Training

1. In House Training

In house training is a special training of trainers in Stealth Evangelism Program. This training is for Senior and Associate Pastors and pre-approved leaders only.

  • The venue will be held in Dunamis Mission Center, Manila.
  • 3 exciting days and nights of power packed training, impartation, and good fellowship.
  • Registration Fee – 300 Pesos, which includes materials.
  • Pre-registration is required.



  • Free Food and lodging for the students.
  • Training will include lectures, workshops, and practicums

2. Mobile Training

Open for church members. We will bring the training to your church or venue. Minimum of 24 students.


  • We offer three full days of Stealth Evangelism Training,  including the Dunamis Training Standard for how to train your members  and  “What to do after you’ve trained a group of Reapers”.
  • Registration Fee – 300 Pesos, which includes materials.
  • Pre-registration is required.



  • Training will include lectures, workshops, and practicums.