Revival is already at hand!

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Pastor Rey Marzo sharing with woman on the street and praying with a man as he receives Jesus in his heart.


Pastor Rey Marzo, Victory Church International
Christian Ministries, Cogeo, Antipolo City, Philippines

After I was born again I began to preach on the streets and in buses, two years later I pioneered a church, and worked a secular job. The only evangelism tools I used was by invitation and open Bible studies. I’ve now been pastoring for 12 years and my church has 150 members. I’ve adopted several evangelism techniques yet our church growth has been so slow. Like most pastors I have been praying for revival constantly. I have attended so many seminars and although they have helped me, just not enough to make a difference. I praise God for giving many workers to back me up in inviting souls, but even their numbers are not the solution, because we have no effective evangelism tools so that I could consume the power of my disciples. Just the last quarter of 2011 we planted 4 satellite churches and I believed that this would be the beginning of the revival that I have been praying for. My burden for revival became larger and larger and I prayed even more because of the weight on my shoulders. In all this I believe “to God nothing is impossible!”

Just last week, Ptr. Tony Poole visited in our church and invited me to attend the “Stealth Evangelism Program”. I prayed that this program would help me. Even though I was hesitant to join because of other commitments. I graduated this Friday full of excitement and expectation that this “Stealth Evangelism Program” is the answer to my years of prayer for revival. I witnessed how just 9 pastors and leaders won 1,897 souls to the Lord in approximately 9 hours of street evangelism here in Manila. I saw an 18 year old girl win 565 people to the Lord. I am now very excited to go home and start this program and I claim and believe that revival is already at hand. Amen! Thank you Jesus!