November 2016 Newsletter

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Give Thanks
With Thanksgiving approaching we are all thinking back on this past year. Although the enemy hit us with an extremely hard blow, intending on taking us all out, he didn’t succeed. “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world!” We are so very grateful for all of you, our partners in ministry, and so thankful for all the pastors you have helped us to train and for covering us in prayer the way you do. We couldn’t be here without you. The treasure of souls that are being laid up in Heaven is what we are all living for! Thank you Jesus for the call You placed in our hearts and for Your faithfulness to provide all we need to accomplish that call and fulfill the purpose You have for us. God bless you all this Thanksgiving season. We pray you have a wonderful time with family and friends. Love you! Calli & Tony Poole
Clearing debris
Clearing away mission center debris
Well, as you can see in the picture above, the mission center is completely down and they are digging some of the old foundations out. That building was a fortress. I don’t think I will be able to build the next center quite that way, but it will be sufficient to the codes of today. It’s really been a hard process of removing the old structure and foundation. It has cost us over a P1,000,000 to remove it and level it for building. We are tapped financially for now. The insurance company still has not yet paid the claim which has left us sort of in limbo at this point. We can’t move forward from here on building the new center until they pay the claim. Please bind the enemy and pray that they will release our claim immediately so we can get started! Amen?
Seminars continue monthly even while
the new center is on hold!
Also, our monthly partner support is down a little from before, yet our seminars are continuing on in the Islands monthly. It’s taking everything we can put together to handle the financial load of the ministry that we dearly love doing. I’m not complaining or saying we are going under, but it is difficult working under this financial stress. It will be a little different when the insurance settles the claim. In the meantime we are asking you to consider sending monthly support of any size to help. If you can only afford P100 then send P100 per month, it would help if 100 people sent P100, that’s P10,000 a month. It would help a lot. You are sowing into the Kingdom of God. Thousands of souls are coming to the Lord every month from the work we are doing. The people that are born again in these seminars receive the opportunity to be saved through the efforts of you, our partners, giving and all the workers that are winning them to the Lord. “…both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together!” I can tell you this, they are so thankful to the partners of Dunamis International School of Missions for sowing into their souls. It’s an eternal blessing! Calli and I sow our SS every month since we’ve been receiving it, and we are blessed. It’s as simple as this, if we had more money we would have more souls for Jesus. We could do even more!

Many people don’t give even a little because they think it won’t matter or count, yet even a little will mean more souls for the Kingdom!

Love you all,

Tony and Calli Poole

Bohol Mission Trip
Chocolate Hills of Bohol Ablaze with Evangelism
In November we took the Stealth Evangelism Program back to Bohol for a 2nd batch, this time to the other side of the island which is in Clarin. Nineteen Pastors and leaders graduated with pride and a new ray of expectant hope dawned as they begin to unfold a new chapter not only in their own lives but also in their ministries and churches.

This batch fared almost perfect, as 17 out of the 19 graduates were flawless in their presentations, with the correct facial and body gestures. The only flaw of the other 2 students was where they missed the hand gesture, but they were verbatim in their presentation. This batch was so united although they represented different churches and different denominations. They were consistent in their attendance, from day one to the finish. Average souls won for Batch 130, was 46 souls per student or 874 souls for the batch.

As the story of Cora (a forgotten person) was narrated, they were in tears especially when they were asked to remember their Coras, as they were ministered to and praying that their Coras be eliminated and reached out to, the sobs and crying were no longer controllable. Truly, from the deepest of their hearts, they long to win all the forgotten people all around them as soon as they can. They vowed to act using the 357 Magnum evangelism weapon with a sense of urgency.

As expected, graduation time was a very highly emotional moment for each one of them as they shared their individual testimonies and their personal experiences in doing the practicum. In broken Filipino language, as they are all Bohol speaking people, they disclosed that the training has awakened their desire to win souls, realized the importance and the urgency of sharing the Gospel, and validated their roles in prioritizing Evangelism as pastors. They claimed they were taught how to approach people and not discriminate or just choose certain people. They discovered that the heart of Jesus is for lost souls and were challenged to have that same heartbeat of Jesus since they have Jesus in their hearts. They were able to see how they stand before the Lord in terms of winning souls, and confessed they have been remised in the Great Commission but pledged to bear fruits of repentance by actively and aggressively sharing the Gospel, in season or out of season. After all, there‘s no more soul winning in Heaven…only worship, hence they are driven to win souls on earth and to think of the 9/10ths of the people who are lost. They want to act as quick as they can, and use the 357 Magnum tool to win as many as possible. Glory to God!

Sister Crispina said she had difficulties in attending the seminar because it is 3 days. Her husband objected and tried to stop her from attending. However on her last practicum she shared the Gospel to him and he got born again!

Each and every graduate was so blessed with the training, they are eager to go back to their churches to train their members and multiply themselves. After all, the harvest is ripe and ready…not just for a harvest…but a very huge harvest with very few reapers.

Truly the seminar was a victory by the grace of God. They were addicted to soul winning and they always extend their time in the practicums…Seemingly, they have become unstoppable and will win countless souls in their lifetime.

I praise the Lord for this batch the way He touched and moved among our students. He has just raised a new batch of passionate and brave Generals in His Army ready to use their 357 Magnum.

Glory to God forever and ever!! Pastora Remy Modeno


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