December 2016 Newsletter

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Felicity Christmas Photo

Happy memories…past Christmases with Felicity…
And trying to make new memories during our first Christmas without her

“It’s ok Mama!”

We’ve got the ground cleared and we are ready to build when the insurance claim is paid. We just sent the claim to the insurance commission for mediation. The insurance company’s name is Maphre and they keep making us low offers trying to get us to settle for less but we are not taking the bait. It is hard living up in the air like this, especially after losing Felicity in the fire, but God is giving us peace and patience as we wait for the company to pay what they owe. This is a hard Christmas for all of us because there is no place to go to get away from the hurt. My only refuge for myself is in our ministry and keeping my eyes focused on these wonderful pastors God sends our way to help. The pain of the loss is gnawing at our hearts day and night. This is something I don’t think that there are words that can ease the pain, knowing that nothing can bring our sweet baby back. Please with all your heart keep praying for God’s grace to be poured on us daily and that he will make a way for each of us to accept the loss and give us comfort in our hearts. I had a personal vision of Felicity in Heaven and with that He has comforted us many times knowing that she is happy and doing wonderful. During the vision she looked towards Calli and said, ”It’s ok Mama!” Oh man, here it comes again, the crying! She would always comfort her Mama with those words!

I want to let you know that we are real close to having the land where the mission center was, paid off. We currently owe about $40,000 on the land, Erick my son in law owes about $41,000 on the house that he and Felicity had built just before she was killed. It would take 81 people at a $1,000 each to pay these off. This would be a big load off of us if you can help. If you have a preference to where you would want the funds to go just designate it on the check that you send or if you go on line there is a place you can designate. Please keep us in mind for your year-end giving this year. If we had everything paid off we could go ahead and start building the new center regardless of the insurance claim. I don’t know when this will take place. I do know that we are giving it our best shot. God is in control and we are going to rest in His assurance that He will take care of us and it’s not our problem, Amen?

We love you all so much and ask that God bless each and every one of you! Pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome blessed New Year!

In His grip,

Tony, Calli, Erick and the kids

Davao Class Batch 131

Davao Trip
Batch 131 Nov 29-Dec. 01, 2016

By Pastora Remy Mordeno
Exactly 2 years from the first batch there, we returned to Davao where 31 participants registered for the Stealth Evangelism Program.

This batch was very enthusiastic and receptive. They did the practicums with eagerness and from the very first practicum they already have interesting and unforgettable experiences, winning 1202 souls altogether. The organizer of both this batch and the previous batch was a product of our in house training Batch 83, Ellen Labrador who met Tony Poole on one of his flights as they were seated next to each other. By the way, she was our medal awardee being flawless and has become a fanatic of 357 Magnum after graduating from the program. Ellen is our coordinating director for Mindanao.

Stalked for Jesus!

(Now the fish are starting to jump into the boat!!)

Pastor Mario, had just finished leading a person to the Lord when he noticed that a car was following him. He began to entertain negative thoughts as to why this car with a family on board was following him. Before he could come to any conclusion, the driver who was the head of the family got out of the car and approached him. Then he asked Mario to pray for him. He had been watching him pray for other people. The man apparently became curious as to what is in the little blue book (Soulmate Bible) Pastor Mario was reading to each person and then he would pray for them. He requested Pastor Mario to do the same not only with him, but with his wife and 2 children also. In that moment the whole family got born again. But the man did not stop there. He requested Pastor Mario to come to his house to commemorate the death anniversary of his mom where his relatives will be attending. He wanted the whole clan to be saved also! This guy turned out to be one of the wealthiest Chinese businessmen in a prominent subdivision. Before they said goodbye, this man insisted giving a cash gift of 500 pesos (about $10, which is more than a day’s wage for most Filipinos) to Pastor Mario as a token of his appreciation. At first Pastor Mario told him that money was not the reason he was sharing the Good News, its free, but the business man would not take no for an answer so he decided not to reject his generosity for fear of offense.

Pastora Irene received a set of jewelry made of pearl from a man who received Jesus through Stealth Evangelism. She declined the gift but the man said the pearl gift is not even enough to compare to what Pastora Irene has given him – sharing Jesus with him.


Note from Tony

This is the first time we have ever had people have such a giving response to receiving the Lord. We thought it would be interesting to you all to know how much the people cherish being born into the Kingdom of God here. Ironically, I can’t remember ever receiving a gift from anyone that I’ve lead to the Lord, but in reality you’ve helped them receive the gift of eternal life, what is that worth? Everything!

Building on the Rock!

These wonderful pastors are learning how to fish in the ocean of lost souls instead of fishing in the aquarium of saved souls. That is, they are learning to harvest the lost instead of fishing in your aquarium or church for new members, Praise God.

When you build your church on the harvest, you are building your house upon the rock, when you build your house with other pastors members, you are building your house on sand, and it will wash away with the first storm. When your members come from the harvest, the church will stand in good weather and bad and not be moved!

You can sow your seed into the eternal harvest field by helping us train these pastors every month all over the Islands. We fly to different Islands for mobile seminars every month. The average cost for a seminar that we do is from $1,200 to $1,500 for each seminar. We are currently doing two to three a month. Thousands of Filipinos are coming to the Lord monthly through these seminars but the residual effect is incredible and only the Lord knows what that is amounting to. The eternal rewards are plenteous and forever, so give and it shall be given unto you, good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over, Amen? If we had 100 people giving $100 per month we could start another team of trainers and create another stream of souls coming into the Kingdom. Souls are the only thing that you can take to heaven so store up your riches in heaven, because we are not going to be here very long.

Love you all,


Davao Class Batch 131

General Santos Batch 2
Batch 132, December 13-15, 2016

Winning General Santos City

With a population of more than 500,000, and predominantly Catholic, Dunamis International School of Missions conducted its second batch for Gen San, the province of the popular world boxing champion, Senator Manny Pacquiao, and most of the attendees are under his Ministry, Word for Every One.

Truly God is faithful and all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, this batch was organized in haste and in an emergency as the original batch had been cancelled for lack of venue. Needless to say, God sent the remnants to be powerfully equipped so they can win General Santos City for Jesus. During the practicums they won 810 people to the Lord!

Ptr Rexcel Neri, the Music Director and Pastor for a long period of time disclosed that this is his very first time to share the Gospel intentionally on a one on one basis and his feelings of joy are beyond description. He further declared that there is FIRE in Gen San, burning fire for souls and released an ORDER to all his youth and bible study leaders the command “NO SOUL, NO FOOD!” which literally means no one would dare to have lunch or dinner without winning a soul first.

Father and Son Restored

Ptr. Albert Pending and his son Jefferson used to argue, because the father was forcing the son to become a pastor and the son would refuse and object very strongly which most of the times they end up the conversation with bitterness and anger in their hearts. The seminar not only restored their harmonious relationship, as Jefferson apologized to his father for harboring grudges against him and has even committed to be a pastor as the practicums opened his eyes and his heart to his calling. He said doing the 357 Magnum has awakened the giant in him not just to be a soul winner but to pastor a flock. Glory to God!!! It is a touching moment to see them hug each other in tears.

The strategy of staying under the radar of a person or remaining undetected is very helpful in winning souls, and it is God given wisdom. As I become a friend to a stranger, I am able to lead him to the Lord and as long as I remain undetected, I will have as many opportunities as I can have to win them to the Lord. What a way to take souls from darkness to light, guaranteed to obtain a YES to Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, says a youth leader and a bible study group leader, Claidale Remulta.

Orly Vincent is a 2 year old born again Christian. He is hard working in the church, helping in the cleaning and arranging seats during worship service. He is a regular attender, without missing any Sunday worship service, but deep inside him, he revealed he feels restless and unsatisfied with his contributions in the church. His desire is to be more of service to the Lord and the ministry BUT does not really know how nor have any clue what to do. He is happy to announce that now, he found a new ministry in evangelism which he enjoyed using the 357Magnum technique and every time he wins a soul, he feels fulfilled and overjoyed. He finally discovered a ministry that fits him perfectly. He is now an activated soul winner!

Over all, every mobile training is unique despite the attempts of the devil to steal, kill, and destroy it, we shall always prevail and overcome because this is God’s business. His very heart and every single soul won, we partake in His harvest. It is all worth the blood, sweat, and tears we pour in every training, after all, each soul has already been paid for by the Blood of Jesus which is priceless for all eternity.

I thank God for being part of this Ministry as God is able to use us to bring MIRACLES to pastors whose churches are dwindling in numbers and to the leaders who have now been activated to win souls and of course to the countless souls that every practicum produce, because they received Jesus in their hearts and they will have hope for an eternity in HEAVEN!!! God is surely just and will reward every effort exerted in this ministry. Halleluiah!
Glory to God forever and ever AMEN!! – Pastora Remy Modeno

At the end of every seminar we do in the Islands I ask Pastora Remy the question, “Was it worth it?” She always replies the same as I, a resounding “YES”! – Tony

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